Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Child's Winter

A covering blanket
unmarred by hand
before the turn of blade,
the new fallen snow
grants reprieve from
muddy ground and
frozen earth

Silently, wind blown flakes collect,
to our homes we scatter.
A perilous winter's trek
for those of weakened bone,
and blessing sweet for those who learn
and those whose yearning is relief.

Over the night and course of day,
The white adorns the hills and trees.
A beckoning call to
all the boards and sleds
and bindings that fit one's feet.

A parents love
willingly given
can bless a messy hearth
Adorning hope upon the child
who just cannot...seem to mind
Blanketing shame of thoughtless deed
and forgiving broken vase.

Over the night and course of day
Let peace adorn the child
withholding curse and critique
that  your lips so often blather.
With smiling eyes, no wint'ry looks
to blast or bury further.

Over the night and course of day
Let the blizzard  flurry
Let each unique flake of love descend
like new fallen snow  to gather.
For those who learn and
those who yearn and
those who seek reprieve,
like midnight snow
fall the love
to pile a blessing
oh so sweet.